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About Engage Search Partners

Engage Search Partners was born out of the idea that “bigger isn’t better” when it comes to Executive Recruiting.  In fact, we believe smaller teams of talented recruiters working closely with our clients and candidates yields much better results.

Technological advancements and social media have changed the landscape of the recruiting industry.  What has been lost in all the technology, is the personal human touch that is required to understand your client’s specific needs, and to assess your candidate’s ability to meet and exceed those needs.

At Engage Search Partners, we believe that high-level recruiting is a very human process.  It requires personal communication and trust between all parties.   At its core, recruiting is one person pro-actively connecting directly and authentically with another person to properly present an opportunity, deeply evaluate a candidate’s capabilities/fit, and skillfully work through the unique concerns from both clients and candidates, to have both parties achieve a “win-win” outcome.   We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients and candidates.

We offer an unusually thorough search process that goes far beyond the scope of any job posting to identify, evaluate, and attract a much broader range of active and passive candidates who would best achieve the goals our clients have defined for a position. In addition, as a boutique firm, we can source an expansive population of talent without the recruiting conflicts that a large search firm inevitably encounters.

Engage Search Partners is your true partner for recruiting and retaining the best Accounting, Finance and Human Resource talent for your organization